Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pandora, Bad Taste, and Romance

Pandora is an online radio service. You tell it some songs or artists you like and then it creates a radio station for you based on your taste. It matches songs based on their musical qualities, as opposed to Amazon where the matches are based on what you buy.

Dear, I bought that poker book for my brother-in-law. I do not like poker books. It's been two years now, can't we just forget the whole poker purchase and move on?

Ahem. Sorry.

I started a Pandora station and I was so excited. Until it kept playing Waylon Jennings. Yeah. That's right. I don't have anything against Waylon Jennings, per se. I was just surprised. And dismayed. I called my friend and she pointed out that I was feeling offended by my own taste.

Hmph. I should say, I called my former friend...

Luckily you can persuade Pandora to stop playing Waylon Jennings an artist by giving the thumbs down. My station is now better educated and plays just the kinds of music I love. My husband is appalled by my station--both by the songs it plays and by the fact that I've gathered these artists that so clearly don't get along all into one place.

I love my husband but he's a little stuck up about music. Which brings me to my point. In my upcoming book, His Secret Past, I've allowed Anna, the heroine, to share my taste in music. Lucky girl! The hero, Mason, is a musician, and he's horrified by some of her choices. (In one scene, "Annie's Song" by John Denver sends Mason over the edge.)

Someone commented on Anna's bad taste and I had to explain...she doesn't have bad taste, she has common taste. If it's poppy and singable and tells a little story, she's there. An awful lot of women at the Harlequin ball last summer were singing along to "Living on a Prayer" by that great Jersey rocker, Bon Jovi, so I suspect Anna has plenty of company.

Anyone have a secret pleasure, a song that's embarrassing to admit you love?

I'll throw "I got you, Babe" by Sonny and Cher out there on the table. NOTHING could be worse than that. Right? Right?


P.S. If Waylon Jennings (or his mom) should stop by, sorry. Nothing personal, buddy. In fact, the theme song from The Dukes of Hazzard? That was awesome. Yeehaw!