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Super Title Puzzle Game

I'm going to be part of the newly launched Super Authors blog on eHarlequin. We're having an official kick-off week starting June 1, but since the space is there and the community is there…it seemed like a prime opportunity for a little word game!

Last December a community member posted a game where we guessed retitled holiday songs? Example: Embellish Interior Passageways = Deck the Halls.

Jeannie Watt and I adapted that game by running the titles of the 2009 Supers (January-May) through the Obfuscation Machine. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the real titles.

Jeannie and I will each choose a name from the comments to win a book. I’m giving away The Boyfriend’s Back, and Jeannie is giving away The Cowboy’s Redemption. (Both of them are on the list--there's a clue!) Kay Stockham is also giving away one of her books.

If you want to be in the drawing to win books, post guesses in the comments on eHQ.

Here they are, the New 2009 Super Titles in all …