Super Title Puzzle Game

I'm going to be part of the newly launched Super Authors blog on eHarlequin. We're having an official kick-off week starting June 1, but since the space is there and the community is there…it seemed like a prime opportunity for a little word game!

Last December a community member posted a game where we guessed retitled holiday songs? Example: Embellish Interior Passageways = Deck the Halls.

Jeannie Watt and I adapted that game by running the titles of the 2009 Supers (January-May) through the Obfuscation Machine. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the real titles.

Jeannie and I will each choose a name from the comments to win a book. I’m giving away The Boyfriend’s Back, and Jeannie is giving away The Cowboy’s Redemption. (Both of them are on the list--there's a clue!) Kay Stockham is also giving away one of her books.

If you want to be in the drawing to win books, post guesses in the comments on eHQ.

Here they are, the New 2009 Super Titles in all their incomprehensible glory. Have at ‘em.

Hint: You can find title lists at the romance wiki.
  1. Stances, Actions, Or Endeavors Undertaken As A Result Of Or In Direct Relation To An Emotional Attachment

  2. An Act Deemed To Be Inappropriate Or Wrong Perpetrated By A Heretofore Unfamiliar Individual

  3. A Factual Or Investigatory Exploration Into The Particularities And Networks Observed Among Individuals Descended From A Common Ancestor

  4. A Person Once Linked Romantically With Another (but Not Betrothed) Completes A Homecoming Journey

  5. A Diminutive Human Endeavors To Resolve A Difficult Or Possibly Dangerous Situation

  6. A Written Or Oral Record Of Events Creating A Barrier

  7. A Missive For The French Diminutive Of The Latinate Form Of Hannah

  8. Transgressions Against Accepted Moral Custom Enacted By A Heterogametic Individual Whose Normal Abilities Surpass Those Of His Peers

  9. A Party Bound In Troth Is Accessible Anew

  10. Post-infant Pre-adolescent Recreational Activity

  11. A Representative Of The Female Gender Could Not Consign an Adult Homo Sapien To Oblivion

  12. Maternal Being Soon to Exist

  13. One Of A Number Who May Resemble Or Appear Similar To a Female Individual

  14. A Child in the First Stage of Life in Her Upper Extremities

  15. A Fault Resulting From Defective Judgment, Deficient Knowledge, Or Carelessness, Committed By One Of The Feminine Gender

  16. Her Favored Companion's Male Gendered Sibling

  17. A Bovine Collector Loses The Fetters Of Shame

  18. Reproductions Of Me And Those Close To Me

  19. Structure Used As A Domicile, Most Often By Humans, Invested By Concealed Facts

  20. Having an Inherent Sense of Paternal Responsibility

  21. A Person Of The Male Persuasion Vocalizes A Short Form Of Her Occupational Title

  22. Arcanum Harbored By A Member Of The Fair Sex

  23. A Defective Period Prior to the Present

  24. Progenitor (Masculine) In Stupefaction

  25. French Form of a Name Meaning Wisdom's Clandestine Matter

  26. To Infinity And Beyond Accompanied By Relations

  27. Traditional Bonding Rituals Observed Among Genetically Linked Humans

  28. From Solstice To Equinox In Proximity To A Collection Of Matter Changed From Solid To Liquid

  29. Domiciled In Familiar Environs After Years Away

  30. A Peerless Reproduction Of A Childbearing Female

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