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FAQ for The Boyfriend's Back

I’m a technical writer. That means I write Frequently Asked Question pages (FAQs) on a regular basis. Did you know that most FAQs are made up by technical writers and have nothing to do with actual questions anyone has ever asked? Yep. It’s like writing fiction, except about bytes and bandwidth and secure passwords. And also the FAQs are usually nonfiction. Usually.

Anyway, I wrote an FAQ for His Secret Past and the comments were a ton of fun so I thought I’d do one for The Boyfriend’s Back.

1. The title is The Boyfriend’s Back, but the cover shows his front. What’s up with that?

Um. Good observation? But the title refers to the fact that The Boyfriend was gone and has now returned. He came back. Get it?

2. See that part on the cover where it says “Going Back?” Is that because her hair is blowing back in the wind? Is it, like, a caption? Because I didn’t think her hair needed a caption.

Well, no. Sorry. You’re 0 for 2 here. Going Back means this book is part of the Superromance themed ser…