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Public Service: Offload Mental Clutter Now

I was folding the socks this weekend and I realized that I have memorized the sock preferences for three people who aren't me. My husband and my sons all wear similar socks, but with key differences. If I don't remember the differences, I can't get the correct socks into the correct drawers. Evidence:My husband is the only one who does not wear his socks outside without shoes. Therefore, his socks are relatively clean and he likes to keep them that way.#2 son wears only AND1 brand socks and only the style that doesn't show above the sneaker and only in his exact size—no bigger socks need apply. #1 son wears all the other permanently dirty, too tall, too big socks. Except if they're scratchy. That's a lot of information, right? Does any of it have anything to do with writing? Absolutely not.Which is my point.I'm carrying all this useless knowledge around in my head which means I can instantly categorize and sort other people's socks and in the meantime I…