Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading: What's on Your 2010 List?

For the past two years, I've been posting this challenge in my blog (originally stolen from my friend, Diana Holquist's blog). I've thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic book recommendations and conversation so I'm going to post a new round!

How does it work? You post 12 books you're planning to read in 2010. Doesn't have to be all romance--it's tons of fun to see the range of reading we all do. Then we all sit back and enjoy the conversation.

Here are my 12.
  1. The Foundling--Georgette Heyer. I really shouldn't admit this, but I've never read a Heyer book. (I hope they don't revoke my romance writing privileges after that confession.)

  2. The Giant's House--Elizabeth McCracken. I read a memoir McCracken wrote and absolutely loved it. This one is fiction and includes a love story.

  3. Double Play--Jill Shalvis. Shalvis was recommended several times in a best books post I did last year. I'm a fan of sports books, so I'm hoping for a winner here.

  4. Playing with Fire--Amy Knupp. I've been waiting for Amy's firefighter trilogy and this summer it will be here! It's been too long since I had a Knupp in my TBR!!

  5. The Spymaster's Lady--Joanna Bourne. Historical romance is my first love. Heard great things about this one last year but never got around to reading it.

  6. Home for the Holidays--Sarah Mayberry. I've been saving this one for a treat after I turned in my newest book. Can't wait!

  7. Under Heaven--Guy Gavriel Kay. One of my favorite fantasy writers has a new book out this year. Yahoo.

  8. Sunnyside--Glen David Gold. Gold's debut novel, Carter Beats the Devil, is one of my frequent rereads. I'm not sure I'm going to love his second novel, but I'm going to give it a try.

  9. Elsewhere--Gabriel Zevin. A YA novel that I've been meaning to read so I can discuss with my 7th grader.

  10. A Dance with Dragons--George R.R. Martin. This was on my list last year even though Martin wasn't finished writing it. I'm putting it on again. Hope springs eternal...

  11. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--Stieg Larsson. This seems like a book my husband would like, and I like to share books with him. We're great fans of Alan Furst and I'd love to find another "shared" favorite. Fingers crossed.

  12. The Iron House--John Hart. I don't know anything about this book except I think it's coming out. John Hart wrote one of my favorite 2009 books (The Last Child) and I've been stalking him online, waiting for news of a new release. Hope this one is true!

So that's my list. What's on yours?