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Rink Rat

A few years ago at the Romance Writers of America convention, Harlequin gave out the convention bags. They have pictures of Harlequin covers on them, including some vintage books. I love my bag. Anyway, I noticed a hockey book on the Harlequin bag. I looked it up online and now have in my hot little hands a copy of Rink Rat (copyright 1951).

As a Harlequin author who wrote a hockey dad book, I was intrigued. I have to share a few tidbits.

1. From the back cover: Look behind the scenes of professional hockey...into the dressing rooms.

Okay. What? Really? I'm so in for that. (Except, I've been in the car with a hockey bag before and I really believe a hockey locker room must...well...reek. Maybe that's why we're just looking and not actually going behind the scenes.)

2. More from the back cover: Why did the young man from the back streets of a prairie town fight his way to the very top and then...but that's the story.

Back cover copy is a bit less obvious these days,…