2008 Reading Challenge--What's on Your List?

My friend, Diana Holquist, posted a reading challenge on her blog. I decided to take her up on it. The idea is that you post 12 books you're planning to read in 2008. She posted all romance, I'm not doing that because my romance choices tend to be based on my mood--I can't plan ahead!

I'm also joining the 100,000 Book Challenge at eHarlequin. If the participants read 100,000 books in 2008, Harlequin will donate 100,000 books to a charity. Sounds pretty nice! The "rules" say you should try to read 100 books, you have to keep a blog about them, and 50% should be published by Harlequin. I was a perennial participant in the summer read-a-thons at my neighborhood library when I was a kid so I hope I'll be able to keep up with this challenge.

Here are the 12 books I've preselected.

1. Choke by Chuck Palahniuk -- I LOVE his books.

2. The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman -- My mom gave it to me and she'll keep asking until I read it. Also, it looks great.

3. The first Hightower book by Gwyneth Bolton -- Have you seen the "inspirational" photos she used? Hummina!

4. The Brother Returns by Jeannie Watt -- I loved The Horseman's Secret. Plus! Brothers!!!

5. Independence Day by Richard Ford -- Do I have to say why?

6. Outlander by Diana Gaboldon -- My friend Diana had it on her list, I've always wanted to read it, and we can discuss it while relaxing with a drink at RWA. (Let's hope we've both read it by then.)

7. Whatever people recommend by J.R. Ward -- I have to find out what the buzz is about.

8. Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips -- I read this at least once every six months

9. The March Super Romances -- Baby Month!

10. Something by Kimberly Van Meter -- I'm dying to read one of hers. (Not sure which one I'll get my hands on first...)

11. Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay -- I've loved every book he ever wrote. Just waiting for the paperback.

12. The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle -- I read about this one on the Amazon "Best of 2007" and it sounds up my alley--it's a YA about a motherless girl and a taciturn dad.

What books are you going to read this year?



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