Meet Cute--What's Your Story?

How'd you meet your honey?

I'm in the mood for some romantic stories. (Or funny ones. Or weird ones. Or sad ones with a happy ending. Or just, you know, whatever you have. Your story.)

Here's mine: New Year's Eve, early 1990s... I'd be more specific but I suck at dates. I honestly can't remember what year I met my husband. I'm sooo not a satisfactory spouse....

My best friend was dating a guy who was friends with a guy on whom I'd had a massive crush in high school. (My hometown is like that.) We'll call my crush FBIL. (This acronym makes sense. I promise.) So my friend told me she'd set me up with FBIL (pronounced Fibill) as my date to this fancy party we were going to.

I got dollied up. I had a new dress I'd bought for my company holiday party. A new hair cut I'd gotten for the same occasion. I was also newly free of my most recent odious boyfriend and ready to celebrate with a no strings New Year's Eve good time.

I went to the party with my friend who swore FBIL was meeting us there. I waited. Had a gin and tonic. Danced with some people I knew from high school. Waited some more. Eventually even someone as optimistic as me could tell FBIL had decided to blow me off.

Then my friend came screeching up to deliver the bad news/good news. Bad news? FBIL was, indeed, a no show. Good news? His younger brother had come instead. She pointed. I looked. That, my friends, was that.

Of course, it wasn't exactly that. He took some convincing. I employed wiles. I had to work the dress and ply him with strong drink and invoke the "you must kiss the person next to you at midnight" rule. But in the end I won.

We dated cross-country (Seattle to Hoboken) for a year or so. I proposed. He was startled into a yes. We got married and he's still not quite sure what hit him.

I know exactly what hit me. It was love at first sight. He is my New Year's prince and always will be. Sweetest guy in the world. Charming and poised. A very hot dancer. Deeply, subversively funny. Kind, kind, kind, and always thoughtful. Generous. Stylish. Patient. I definitely lucked out that night.

So that's my "meet cute." What's yours?

(FYI: FBIL = Future Brother-in-Law. As an in-law, he's just right. As a date, we wouldn't have made it past 9:00.)



Donna Alward said…
That's a great story!

Here's mine: my family knew my dh's family for years. My sis was dh's sis's best friend, and she met up with the eldest son that way and badaboombadabing that was it for them. However the ONLY one of the five kids I didn't know was dh.

But I met him through my sis and his bro.

I got stood up for a date and as I'd always thought him somewhat attractive and a challenge (wouldn't say $hit if he had a mouthful at that time), I asked him if he were coming back to dsis and bil's that night for a barbeque party at a neighbour's house. He did come back, and we were the designated drivers. The rest is history. People still look at us funny when we say our kids and their kids are double cousins.
Ellen said…
Hi Donna,

I love your story. Families getting wrapped tighter is so wonderful for the world, I think. Makes it easier to hold onto the people you love.

kimberly Van meter said…
Ellen--what a sweet story! I love reading how people met and fell in love. Must be the romance novelist in me ;-)
Okay, here's mine!
I met my dh in college. He was the camera operator and I was the lead actress in a college production film. He always tells people he fell in love with me through the lens of a camera. That was 16 years ago as of Feb. 27. He never forgets the day we met. Never. Me on the other, my memory is not so good. But I love that he never forgets. It makes me feel special.

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