Book Trailer

My friend, Diana Holquist, makes funny book trailers.

A book trailer is like a movie trailer, except with a really, really, really low budget and no actors. The exception to this is the trailer for a book written by Dennis Hopper's daughter. Watching it I learned that industry connections go a long way toward improving the look and feel of the trailer. Where are my movie star relatives when I need them?

Note: Because I'm petty that way I'm not posting the title of that book or the author's name because who wants to advertise the competition? But if you did happen to go to Amazon and search for "celebutantes" you might find it.

Anyway. If you'd like to see MY no budget, cheesy music, cut and paste 'cause we can't afford actors trailer, click here. What we lack in funding, we make up for in wit. Or in hot, hot men. Take your pick.

P.S. Okay. Fine. Whatever. I'm not that petty. Here's the link to the other trailer. It's not that great, right? So it has real actors. Pffft. I don't see a towel or a tux. But is that Taylor Townsend??!!?



Diana Holquist said…
Hey, that's not cheesy music--that's porno music!

When you're going low budget, you gotta go all the way...


Ellen said…

It's the director! And the editor! And the costume lady! And the...the...mastermind!

I'll never wash this blog again. ;-)

Thanks a million, Diana. I'm having a lot of fun with this baby.

Deb Salonen said…
Ellen AND Diana, congrats on the fabulous work. I loved it and am hurrying right over to my blog to post a link. I think creativity should be rewarded.

I'm afraid to know what my May book cover would say if it could talk. Maybe something like "How can you possibly be this far along when we just met in Chapter 1?"

Deb Salonen
Ellen said…
Hi Deb,

Your blog about your cover characters was too funny. I feel lucky that old Rob Lowe was willing to pose for mine!

If you have a chance, you'd probably like the one Diana did about why the sexiest man alive has no head. It's on youtube if you search for her name.

Thanks for the link!
S F said…
First of all, I LOVE Diana's trailers. She's a riot!
This is a fantastic trailer! Very funny!

Ellen said…
Hi Sheila! Thanks for stopping by. I remember when I saw Diana's first trailer. My only thought was "I want that."

I'm so glad I'm friends with the trailer queen.


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