Questions No One Ever Asked

I’m a technical writer. That means I write FAQs. Did you know that FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions? I bet you did.

Did you also know that most FAQs are made up by technical writers and have nothing to do with actual questions anyone has ever asked? Yep. It’s like writing fiction, except about bytes and bandwidth and passwords. And also the FAQs are nonfiction. Usually.

Anyway, I’ve decided to do an FAQ for His Secret Past.
  1. The lead character’s name is Mason Star and he’s a rock star. Weren’t you trying too hard with the name?

    Excellent question. Yes. Of course, I was trying too hard. My sister told me it was cheap. My editor told me it was cheap. My critique group told me it was cheap. But I am a sucker for a cheap name. So pulling from my bag of tricks, I wrote fictional backstory for the name, blaming it all on the parents. (Because in fiction, as in real life, it’s the parents’ fault.) Mason’s mom was a stripper who changed her name legally to Sierra Star. So he can’t help it that his name is cheesy.

  2. Did you ever play that game where you make a stripper name for yourself out of the name of your first pet and the name of the street you lived on when you were a kid?

    Dusty Monastery

  3. I have the same problems with my golf game that Mason has. If I follow Anna’s advice will my swing improve?

    Umm. No. And also you’ll probably get kicked off the course. Even your more reputable miniature golf courses aren’t going to stand for that kind of carrying on. I recommend instead, that you do what I did when I realized my golf game stinks. Retire. You get to spend more time in the clubhouse that way, and the clubhouse is where they keep the gin and the pretzels.

  4. On the cover of His Secret Past, Mason is wearing a tuxedo but he’s at the beach. Who wears a tuxedo to the beach?

    Sigh. He’s at a wedding. Those are tables behind him, not sand dunes.

  5. On the cover of His Secret Past, Mason is wearing a tuxedo and there is sand all over the tables behind him. Was there a dust storm or did the bride actually have “sand” as her wedding color?


  6. Did you have to pay Rob Lowe a lot of money to pose for the cover?

    Okay, you know what? I thought this was going to be a serious discussion. Who’s asking these questions anyway?

Any questions?



Ellen said…
No questions just a comment---loved the idea of naming the place Mulligan's. I also loved the book.
Ellen said…
Hi Ellen,

I'm glad you liked the name. I think Mason has that sense of humor--he's not pulling punches but he's not being maudlin about things either.

Glad you liked the book!

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