Contest Winners

Well, I'd pretend I put names in a hat to pick a contest winner, but that would have to be an awfully small hat...

Patricia, Ellen, Rita, Sam, Carrie-- if you'd like a signed copy of "Wanted Man," send me your contact info. My email is ellen (at) ellenhartman (dot) com.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm taking my kiddos for haircuts and then straight to the bookstore to spend my coupon on some nice big books!



Ellen Too said…
Thanks Ellen snailmail address on the way. Don't worry one of these days you'll have a whole bunch of people reading your blod. Just takes time to get the word out.
Deb Salonen said…
You're such a kick. Could you come blog for me?

Thanks for brightening my day! I'm going to have to go buy this book now that I've missed out on my chance to win it. :-)

Rita said…

I just ordered a copy of "Wanted Man" from Amazon. After hearing how much Sam is enjoying it I wanted to purchase it (authors work so hard they deserve every sale they get). If I am ever fortunate enough to meet you in person (maybe at that conference in Syracuse) I'm going to hunt you down for an autograph :-)

Samantha Hunter said…
Ellen, I have your book, and when we get together one of these days, I definitely want you to sign it. ;) Save my copy to give away on Cigars (hint, hint...)

elhart said…
Hi Guys,

You're all so sweet! Rita--I can't believe I missed the chance to give you a book. Hit me up in May when "His Secret Past" comes out.


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