Two Ladies

I went away with my friend, Stephanie, to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Why do people go to Wellsboro? To visit the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, of course. (Yes, there is SO such a thing. Didn't I just say I went there?) As a matter of fact, I heard the other canyon is changing it's name to the Grand Canyon of Arizona to cut down on the confusion.


I didn't go to Wellsboro to see the GCOP, partly because I'd already Been There, Done That. (It was my second honeymoon. What can I say? We went all out...)

I went to Wellsboro because the hotel was $50 a night. Sweet.

Stephanie and I had no agenda. (Before you ask, no, we were not planning any hiking. Just because a canyon exists, you're not obliged to trudge to the bottom of it.) We were hoping to see a movie but the available options were less than inspiring so we did what any good Scranton* girls would do--we went to a bar.

We had dinner at the bar (also on the list of Things Scrantonians Do On Vacation) and talked about a million things including the fact that everyone else at the bar looked like they were related but they were actually dating. That's right. All the other people were coupled up with people who could have been their siblings. Now, I know what you're thinking, this was Northeastern Pennsylvania, so maybe they were all siblings....NO! That's not what you were thinking because that's mean.

You were thinking that people are attracted to people who are like them.

Okay. Fine. I admit to looking a little like my hubby. But the people in this bar had taken things to an extreme.

Whatever. That's not the point of the story. The point is, when we got our bill, there was a title on it that said, "2 Ladies." The server had named us and our name was "2 Ladies." Which we are. Despite being from Scranton. We may drink our beer straight from the bottle and eat dinner sitting at the bar and stay in $50 a night motels, but we are most definitely Ladies. It was nice of the server to acknowledge that.

As we were leaving, we were wondering what title the server had used for the other people:

"Could Be Siblings, but I Don't Know, He's Touching her in a Weird Way."

"Definitely Related. Cousins? Wait. Ew! Dating. Two Daters. Please Be Dating."

"I Give Up. Man and Woman. Maybe Together. How the Hell Should I Know?"

I think the server was probably glad my friend and I are just straightforward Ladies, you know?

*Scranton, Pennsylvania is my much-maligned home town. More information here.

Quiz: Guess which one I visited yesterday.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania


Chelle Sandell said…
LOL! You are just too funny!!!! My best friend is also my cousin and we often do things together...I wonder what people think of us cause we're constantly giggling when we're together. Glad you had a great trip!
Ellen said…
Hi Chelle!

Ahem! Where were you? I distinctly remember telling you that you and your $20 bill were supposed to meet us in Wellsboro!!


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